MR.SIGA Soft-bristled rubber broom and scraper with telescopic handle

MR.SIGA Soft-bristled rubber broom and scraper with telescopic handle

2 in 1 Rubber Broom and Scraper - Made of natural rubber, a durable material that does not deform easily, is economical, stain and odor resistant. Soft rubber bristles easily collect dirt and hair, while the built-in scraper is safe for hardwood floors or windows without scratching. Suitable for carpet, rug, tile, hardwood, marble, windows.

Versatile and easy to maintain - it's sturdy enough to handle any scrubbing job, yet gentle enough for shower glass windows and doors without damage. Rinse and soap the brush head if needed, and air dry after use. Keeping it in a cool place will prolong their life. The microfiber cloth easily captures dust and dirt and is reusable and machine washable. Clip one side of the microfiber cloth over the black holder and place it under the rubber tip for dust removal.

PET HAIR REMOVER - Captures dog and cat hair on carpets like a magnet, and cleans hair from carpets that vacuum cleaners can't thoroughly clean. This versatile rubber broom and scraper is not only your home cleaning assistant, but also a great gift for friends with lovely pets.

Adjustable Extra-Long 62" Handle - Comes with 4-section sturdy steel handle, powder coated finish, you can adjust the rod length and lock into any available position, providing a comfortable pick and hold for different people to get your cleaning job done No need to bend over.

MR.SIGA's mission: to make your housework easier and the world cleaner. If you are not satisfied with the product, you will receive a full refund. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we are here for support and advice!


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