The perfect example, the MR.SIGA microfiber cleaning cloth

If you're tackling a cleaning task - what are you trying to achieve first? rag? sponge? A roll of paper towels? If you're thinking "well, it depends on what I'm cleaning", you probably haven't discovered the magic of microfiber yet. Known for its versatility, the microfiber cloth effectively cleans multiple surfaces when dry and wet, and is reusable.

The perfect example, the MR.SIGA microfiber cleaning cloth

These microfiber cloths are versatile masters for any surface or room in your home. When dry, they are vacuuming magnets that don't leave any lint like cotton or paper towels. The soft polyester and nylon blend means you can wipe fingerprints off silverware and make those wine glasses sparkle like crystal if not crystal. They're also super soft and non-fraying, so you can dust or wipe china dishes on glass counters without worrying about damaging them. Bonus: If you have sensitive hands, the cuticles no longer bleed after a strong scrub.

Microfiber is also highly absorbent, which means it can dry your dishes or suck up spills without expensive paper towels. And since they're reusable, you can just throw them in the washing machine and they'll be good to use again and again (as long as you take the time to read the washing instructions, FYI). Plus, since you're buying a 12-pack, you don't have to worry about what tasks or space to tackle next; there's always another convenience. As another reviewer explained, "They do make a difference in efficiency and require less intensity and less cleaning product to scrub everything. I use them on everything - sinks , bathtub, cabinets, chairs, walls, etc.”



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  • Kari wartena

    I thought pack I got as a present wash cloths, will these hurt me? I am 82 yrs old. I am not sure if wash cloths or cleaning cloths. Pretty colors. How do I know what they were?

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