MR.SIGA Professional Window Cleaning Combo - A Must-Have for Your Bathroom!

When we think about bathroom cleaning, the first things that come to mind are often toilets, sinks, and showers. However, there's another crucial aspect of bathroom maintenance that we sometimes overlook: the windows. Clean and streak-free windows not only allow natural light to flood your bathroom but also contribute to an overall sense of cleanliness and freshness. That's where the MR.SIGA Professional Window Cleaning Combo comes into play.

The Power of the MR.SIGA Professional Window Cleaning Combo

This combo includes a high-quality squeegee and a microfiber window scrubber. Let's dive into what makes these tools the secret weapons for maintaining crystal-clear bathroom windows, shower glass doors, tiles, marble walls, and more:

1. Squeegee - The Streak Remover

Say goodbye to water spots, streaks, and smudges on your bathroom windows, shower glass doors, or any glass or marble surface in your bathroom. The MR.SIGA squeegee boasts a durable rubber blade that effectively removes water and cleaning solution, leaving your surfaces spotless. Its comfortable handle provides an easy and ergonomic grip, ensuring that you can easily reach every part of your bathroom windows and other surfaces.

2. Microfiber Window Scrubber - The Grime Fighter

Before using the squeegee, you'll want to give your windows, shower glass doors, tiles, marble walls, and other surfaces a good scrub. The microfiber window scrubber, included in this combo, is your perfect partner for this task. Its microfiber fabric is gentle on your surfaces but tough on dirt, grime, and water stains. The scrubber's powerful cleaning capabilities mean you can eliminate those hard-to-reach spots and achieve a sparkling clean surface.

3. Extend Your Reach (DIY)

The MR.SIGA Professional Window Cleaning Combo offers unparalleled cleaning performance, but we want you to take it a step further. If you need to clean high or distant surfaces, you can easily attach your existing threaded extension pole to enhance your reach. This DIY option allows you to tackle every nook and cranny, ensuring your bathroom surfaces are gleaming.

Ease of Use and Versatility

The MR.SIGA Professional Window Cleaning Combo is not only incredibly effective but also incredibly easy to use.  Plus, with your added extension pole, you'll master those hard-to-reach spots in no time.

Your Versatile Cleaning Companion

While it's perfectly designed for bathroom windows, don't limit your thinking. This combo's versatility extends beyond the bathroom. You can use it to clean windows in any room of your house, as well as glass surfaces like mirrors and glass shower doors. Additionally, this combo is not just for windows; it's your go-to solution for handling shower glass doors, tiles, marble walls, and much more. It's your versatile cleaning companion for various surfaces throughout your home.


Your bathroom's cleanliness extends to every detail, including your windows, shower glass doors, tiles, and marble walls. The MR.SIGA Professional Window Cleaning Combo - Squeegee & Microfiber Window Scrubber - is your go-to tool for keeping your bathroom surfaces spotless and enhancing the overall ambiance. Say goodbye to streaks and water spots and say hello to the clarity and brightness that clean surfaces bring to your space.

Ready to give it a try? Head over to product page to explore this fantastic cleaning combo and elevate your bathroom cleaning routine! Your surfaces will thank you for it. 

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