Let mrsiga help you clean up the messes with our Stainless Steel Scoure

Let mrsiga help you clean up the messes with our Stainless Steel Scourer.

MR.SIGA Stainless Steel Scourer,Pack of 12,30g

  • Stainless Steel Scourer, 30g, Pack of 12
  • Cleans pot, pans, grills and oven
  • Removes grease, stubborn dirt
  • Heavy duty & Durable
  • Soft and stretchy

Heavy Duty & Durable

Easily removes a variety of stubborn stains, such as grease, stubborn dirt, burnt stains, etc. Durable and versatile for use on stoves, ovens, grills, pots and pans, etc.

Note: Do not use on non-stick or fragile surfaces

Soft and Stretchy

Protects your hands even under intense cleaning tasks. Super elasticity allows the product to stretch and easily clean corners, crevices, etc.

Anti-rust and Not Shed

Stainless steel material, anti-rust treatment in the surface. Not shed, don't worry about stainless steel scraps falling into the bowls or pots when clean.

MR.SIGA is the leading manufacturer of cleaning products in the world. We keep improving and innovating based on customers needs in household cleaning tools such as cleaning commodities, sweeping series, bathroom appliances and brushes, disposable goods, as well as industrial cleaning tools.


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