Bathroom cleaning tips to keep you clean

The bathroom is the most clean place in the house. It is tiring and dirty to clean. In summer, the bathroom is humid and hot, and it is easy to breed bacteria if it is not cleaned thoroughly. Today, I will share with you 7 bathroom cleaning tips, which are fast and easy. It will thoroughly clean your bathroom.

1.Cleaning of tile joints

The joints of the tiles will accumulate a lot of dirt, and the greasy is difficult to remove. It is easier to clean with a stiff plastic brush.

2.Chopsticks help to clean deep crevices

If there are deep gaps in the tiles or in the bathroom, you can use chopsticks against the rag to clean it deeply.

3.Wipe the wall after bathing

Prepare a rag in the bathroom before bathing, and wipe the wall with the prepared rag while the water vapor is still condensing on the wall after bathing, which saves time and effort.

4.Hot water helps soften grime in the bathroom

Stubborn dirt can be sprayed with hot water first, and then wiped off easily with a rag after a while.

5.Clean the shower silicone waterproof strip

The silicone waterproof strip in the shower will adhere to scale. You can apply a paper towel first, then spray it with a baking soda solution, and wipe it with a rag after 10 minutes of application.

6.Masking agent to clean moldy waterproof strips

 If the silicone waterproof strip is moldy, it will be difficult to remove the spread of the wall. It should be cleaned with a professional mold removal cover agent.

7.Frequent disinfection around the bathtub

 It is easy to mold and breed bacteria around the bathtub, so use diluted alcohol for disinfection, rinse with clean water and wipe it clean.

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